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Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad's work is a reflection on the question he constantly asks himself: how to work in a state of creative freedom? Over the past two decades Gilad has managed to maintain "creative freedom", supporting his vision of design and art as a form of fun, humorous and enigmatic, at the same time provocative.

Gilad's work evolves and develops along two creative axes: the purely artistic work and the products created for design companies. These two fronts, which in theory run parallel, in reality often intersect in an elusive manner, posing the question to the observer as to whether the original idea originated from an artistic invention or a functional product.

The Molteni Museum project

In the case of the Molteni Museum's architectural and exhibition design, the condition of creative freedom was also fully satisfied, despite the limits imposed by a pre-existing structure which had to be partly maintained. The result is surprising for its formal rigorousness, but creative inventions emerge everywhere. One example for all. The pavilion's transparency is one of the architectural features the project enhances: the new internal distribution, set on orthogonal axes, suggests points of view and perspectives on the outside and creates movement and surprises along the indoor itinerary. Light, a metaphor for the very idea of the museum, is the material of which this architecture is made: it enters through the perimeter windows and the central skylight and shapes the spaces designed to let in natural light from several points with generosity and uniformity.

The Permanent Collection

The minimalist approach to the exhibition design makes it possible to use the collection of furnishings that have traced the history of the Molteni Group since its foundation in 1934 in an innovative way, while leaving ample space for visitors to appreciate not only the design of the object on display but also to discover the contribution it has made to the history of the company through images, videos and documents in the museum.

An exhibition dedicated to the history of the company yet with an eye to the future, so that the story is uninterrupted, a continuum between past, present and future.